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Our Story

We are a family owned and operated business.

Originally living in Hamilton both Rion and her husband Chaad were working in I.T, raising their then 3 young children. Whilst AJ and his wife Shinae were living in Auckland, AJ working in Marketing and Education, raising their then baby boy

”We both felt that our priorities had changed and were looking at finding something that would bring us closer to our families rather than take us away from them, its a tough ride travelling across Auckland for 1.5 hrs each day just to make it to and from work, I felt like I was missing out on my wife and baby son” says AJ

Working in the OSCAR Industry is like nothing else.  “I like the flexibility to work near and around my children, but also fell in love with the programme and the vision to create a fun, safe and challenging environment where kids could thrive, I loved that I could be the one to create these amazing adventures for children everyday” says Rion.

”We love seeing all the children that are apart of our centres, and want to provide parents with the ease of mind that their children are being cared for in an environment which thrives on amazing challenges and adventures”. ”We want to see children grow and hope to continue to provide them with the ability to do that both mentally and physically. Every day is a challenge and there is never a boring moment, as there is always something happening”

We welcome any new families that are inspired by our centres to enrol their children and experience what Coast Kids has to offer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a booking?

All our bookings for any of our programmes are now completed online. You can click on the Enrol Now options of our website or copy and paste this link into your internet browser:

Make sure to Register as a new parent and enrol in that way. Keep track of your username and password to make future bookings

Do my bookings for Before School and After School Care Rollover to the following Term?


At around week 6-7 of the term we will rollover all bookings into the next term, the bookings will stay pending until during the holidays where we will approve them.

Look out for a confirmation email confirming your next term booking is pending. We leave them as pending for a while to give families the opportunity to make changes if needed.


Do I automatically get enrolled for the holiday programme if my children are already booked in for Before and/or After School Care?


Every child must be physically enrolled into the Holiday Programme by making an online booking. We will not automatically enrol your child into the programme as it runs seperate to our before and after school programmes.

We advertise the programmes to our Coast Kids only families a week early, before making the programme available on our facebook pages and website. To provide our families with a first opportunity to get in.

Our Holidays do book up fast so you need to jump online and make bookings early


Is there a way that I can hold a spot for my child in any of the programmes?

We work on a first in first served basis. Unfortunately this means that booking spaces cannot be held.

When you make an online booking keep an eye on your emails to make sure that you receive a confirmation email from us (check your junk mail as sometimes that get pushed into there).

If we cannot accept a day for any reason, we will either call or send you an email advising you of this so that you are aware and can make alternate arrangements as necessary.

We advise 2 working days for bookings to be confirmed. So if you are trying to make a booking for on the day, it is best to call the centre and speak to the manager to see if they can accomodate you for the day.

What if I want to change or cancel my booking?

We have a 2-weeks written notice policy for any booking changes or cancellations. This can be done in the form of an email to the centre manager.

Any changes or cancellations made within a 2-week period will be charged out at normal cost.

I have heard that I can enrol on the programme at no cost, Is this true?

If you are currently enrolled with Coast Kids then all we need you to do is continue to fill out your forms prior to every holidays and every term, bring them in to the centres so we can fill out our part, and then return them to WINZ to be processed.

If you are new to enrolling with Coast Kids and would like to apply for a WINZ subsidy, please grab an application form either online through the winz website, at your local winz office or at a Coast Kids centre. Once you have a confirmed booking with us we can fill out our part on the form.

Until we have confirmation from WINZ on the amount of subsidy you will receive we will process your invoices at full cost. If you have a letter from winz which states the subsidy that they will pay to Coast Kids on your behalf, please let us know and we can then look at adjusting your invoices to suit the subsidy

How do I receive my invoices?

All invoices will be sent to your email address, please check your emails regularly to be kept up to date on your account information

How do I apply for a WINZ Subsidy?

You must apply by filling out a full application, which you can get from your local winz office, or download it from the WINZ website, we even have a few stock at our centres, please ask the managers if they have any available.

After filling in your section you must take it into the centre so that we can fill out our part the application must then be taken down to your local winz office to be processed


What if my child has a food allergy?

It is important that you add this information to your online enrolment information and then have a discussion with the centre manager to highlight the allergy.

If the children requires serious medication like an Epipen we need to know about this and have it available on site with clear instructions


Can I bring my child in for a visit prior to them starting?


The best time to make a visit is generally between 7am-7.30am for before school and after 3.30pm for after school.

As these are the times that best suit us which do not interfere with our school drop offs and pickups. If you would like to make a visit outside of these times it is best to phone in and talk to the centre manager to ensure that someone is available at the centre when you arrive.


What does my child need to bring with them?

For Before and After School Care, Please ensure your child is dressed for school and bring along with them their school bag along with a packed lunchbox. Breakfast is supplied. If you have any toiletries like toothbrush and paste that you want them to use then please supply these aswell.

For Holiday Programmes – Please bring along their back pack with a full packed lunchbox, change of clothes, Togs and Towel on swimming days, Sunblock and brimmed hat for warmer weather. Any medications that they require. We will have a form to be filled out for us to assist them in taking their medications.